Athlete Info

Event Schedule

Lead up to race day

October 25th 2023 - Early entry opens

December 11th 2023 - Standard entry opens

May 20th 2024 - Late entry opens

May 23th 11:59pm 2024 - On-line entries close 

Friday 24th May -  2pm - 6pm - Race registration and gear check at Cable Bay Adventure Park

If you cannot make the 24th for race registration we will have limited times on the morning of race day, please do not come outside of your allocated times to ensure the process runs smoothly.

5:10am - 5:40am 55km

6:10am - 6:40am 34km

6:40am - 7:40am 24km

7:40am - 8:10am 10km

Race day - Saturday 25th May 2024

5:45am - 55km Ultra Marathon briefing

6:00am - 55km Ultra Marathon start

6:45am - 34km Trail run briefing

7:00am - 34km Trail run start

7:45am - 24km Trail run briefing

8:00am - 24km Trail run start

8:15am - 10km Trail run briefing

8:30am - 10km Trail run start

2:00pm - Prize giving

Join us at the Race Village at the Cable Bay Adventure Park to celebrate our podium winners. Lots of great spot prizes are up for grabs too so make sure you stick around!

All competitors receive a medal as they cross the finish-line.

4:00pm -Cutoff time

We have a 4:00pm cutoff time in place, you must complete the course within this time to insure everyone's safety. The cutoff time gives the 55km runners 10 hours to complete the course. We will have tail end runners and if they deem a runner wont be able to complete the course by 4pm they will pull you out early. This will be at their discretion. Note while 10 hours is generous the 55km is a demanding course with more than 3000meters of elevation.

General Information

Race Numbers and timing chip

All race numbers must be displayed on your front - please do not have your number underneath a jacket or attached to your back. 

Race numbers must be visible at all times.

All entrants will get a timing chip, this is to be attached to your shoe

Bag Drop

If you wish to use this service, mark your number on the included tag in your race pack and attach it to your bag. There will be a designated 'Bag Drop' in the Athlete Check In marquee. When you finish your race, please show your race number to the staff at Bag Drop and you will have your bag/items returned. Note event staff are not liable for any lost items, please do not place valuables in your drop bag.

Aid Stations

There are Aid Stations positioned around the course for the 55km, 34km and 24km, they will contain Tailwind, lollies, peanuts and misc snacks

Music Devices

The use of music devices is discouraged. The use of headphones restricts a competitor's ability to hear marshal instructions, traffic, and other competitors. 


All amenities are available at the race village at Cable Bay Adventure Park. There is also a toilet at end of the Cable bay walkway.

Health and Safety

Please ensure all children are supervised AT ALL TIMES. 

Cable Bay Adventure Park is close to the Wakapuaka River. 

There are also general farm hazards to take into consideration.

Car Parking

The Race Village is at the Cable Bay Adventure Park. There is parking available for competitors and supporters. 

Please follow marshal instructions at all times. 


Please dispose of any waste in the rubbish bins provided. Do not litter on the course, please carry all wrappers and waste out with you during the race.

Traffic Management

The Bay is running under a Traffic Management Plan. All roads on the course will remain open and competitors must abide by marshal instructions at all times. 

Any competitor who does not follow marshal instructions will be automatically disqualified. 


There are a couple of places along the course where your support crew can stop to cheer you on. 

Cable Bay has small car parking spaces at either end of the beach. Please be aware that space will be limited due to crew vehicles, as well as the general public having full access at all times.

Supporters are also able to walk the Cable Bay Walkway. Please remind them to keep out of the way of competitors as they come through. 

Pepin Island is NOT OPEN to the public. This is private land and not accessible to anyone other than the competitors, event crew, and farm guests.