Our mission is to inspire private landowners to protect and enhance open spaces of ecological and cultural significance. Almost 70% of New Zealand is in private land ownership, so protecting biodiversity and heritage on private land is critical to reversing the decline of indigenous biodiversity and preserving our history. 

We are an independent charitable trust that partners with private landowners to protect sites on their land with covenants. A covenant is an agreement between us and a landowner to protect land forever. The landowner continues to own and manage the protected land, and the covenant and protection stays on the land, even when the property is sold to a new owner. 

QEII helps to protect Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique biodiversity by putting a legal protection, called a covenant, over blocks of land to protect unique biodiversity in perpetuity.

The forest blocks at Cable Bay Farm were covenanted about 30 years ago, ensuring ongoing care for large areas of beech forest with kāmahi, tītoki, tawa, rimu, kahikatea, tōtara, mataī, and miro spread throughout.

The property stretches from sea level to a 620m elevation, encompassing the steep seafront cliffs, a patchwork of original forest, and kānuka-dominated regenerating forest. The covenants support a range of native birds and provide shade and shelter for walkway users.

The Bay Trail supports the QEII trust and is grateful for the work they do for the Cable Bay Walkway which allows the walkway to be enjoyed by all. As thanks, the Profits from the Bay Trail run will be donated to the QEII trust